[Icecast] moving listens from ogg to mp3

Michael Smith msmith
Sun Jun 27 18:42:38 UTC 2004

On Saturday 26 June 2004 04:28, Warren J. Beckett wrote:
> Hello list,
> With icecast2 is it possible at all to move clients from a ogg mount to
> a mp3 mount and vise versa?
> Looking at the error log after I use the admin interface to do this I
> get an error stating that the are different encoding types, and as such
> will not do the move.
> I am not concerned about client issues at this point as I think I can
> solve them my self.

The server refuses this for multiple reasons:
a) As far as the implementation goes, it'd be difficult (though not
impossible) to make it work for the more complex cases.
b) The protocol (HTTP) has no provision for making this work, so a client
_cannot_ get it right (heuristic hacks might make it kinda work sometimes,
but that's not good enough).


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