[Icecast] icecast and smp

Enrico Minack enrico.minack
Wed Jun 16 23:17:17 PDT 2004

<1087437442.890.237.camel at washington>
Message-ID: <069901c45432$be477ab0$0864a8c0 at desk>

> About testing, is there any tool which can simulate a large amount of
> clients on a server (for example, 600 clients, using 128Kbits/s each) on
> a local area network ?

I used wget for this. Just try
wget -O /dev/null -q http://YOURSERVER:8000/YOURMOUNT &
and start as many of these as you want. You can stop them with killall wget
Wget makes an ordinary http download (exactly what mpg123 / ogg123 is doing
as well) but doesn't decode the media. The data are put to /dev/null.


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