[Icecast] moving listens from ogg to mp3

Warren J. Beckett warren
Fri Jun 25 13:08:24 UTC 2004

<1088189291.3980.16.camel at bogus.hackers.club>
Message-ID: <1088194103.17348.15.camel at tux.vuetec.com>

> It's not impossible from an icecast point of view but some per-client
> info would need resetting, however certain things may be an issue like
> the mp3 metadata and of course detecting a change in the stream format
> at the client end.
> karl.


It is ashame ( at least for me ) that it is not possible.  I was hoping to
offer source clients with a choice of mp3 or ogg as the push streaming
format. I reencode on the fly between the source client and the listeners
so a change in the source format the clients still would receive a
consistent ogg stream. I also do not pass on the meta data so that would
not be an issue.

Thanks for your feedback.



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