[Icecast] problem with metadatafilename parameter

Barton Hodges barton
Wed Jun 9 14:06:59 PDT 2004


I'm using Icecast 2.0.1 and Ices 2.0.0 with multiple "<stream>"
constructs to stream from multiple inputs.  This works fine, but the
second "metadatafilename" parameter overwrites the first, and that
metadata information is sent to both streams.  Is there a way around

In this case, the stream on "stream1.ogg" and "stream2.ogg" both
receive metadata information from the file "metadata2":

<param name="rate">8000</param>
<param name="channels">1</param>
<param name="metadata">1</param>
<param name="metadatafilename">metadata1</param>

<param name="rate">48000</param>
<param name="channels">2</param>
<param name="device">hw:0,0</param>
<param name="periods">2</param>
<param name="buffer-time">500</param>
<param name="metadata">1</param>
<param name="metadatafilename">metadata2</param>

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