[Icecast] Error Syncing to MPEG

kevin kjackey
Tue Jun 8 09:12:36 PDT 2004

I am trying to relay a streamtuner Live365 stream across a ssh tunnel to
a remote XP pc, where I would pick it up using winamp.

I have a similar setup with a non-live365 stream routed using
streamripper to port 9001 and this plays correctly in winamp

For my Live365 stream, I have a RealVNC root session that is streaming
the Live365 broadcast from streamtuner (using XMMS). I can see XMMS
playing the output to the sound card on the remote machine. I then link
up an icecast server (servername = localhost) as a relay server. Next I
fire up darkice to capture the soundcard audio, and that seems to be
working correctly. when I try to connect to port 8000 / 8001 with winamp
I get the message "error synching to MPEG".

What would cause this error? Is my setup correct? Please let me know if
I need to add the text of my .cfg files to this thread. Thanks for the

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