[Icecast] Icecast on steroids

Michael Smith msmith
Wed Jul 21 18:23:50 PDT 2004

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Message-ID: <200407221123.50496.msmith at xiph.org>

On Thursday 22 July 2004 08:36, Dave St John wrote:
> Check out this yp dir http://www.radiotoolbox.com/mediatoolbox/
> click on the ogg streams and see how fast they buffer up compared to the
> icecast2 mp3 streams, we are using karls build of the icecast2 server,
> what has changed to dramaticly improve this?. It flat out Smokes mp3 now,
> not just in quality but buffer time.

Icecast has optional fast-start code (not in 2.0, though) that does this. It
has some intrinsic downsides (higher latency, mostly), so it's not on by


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