[Icecast] radio station infrastructure.

adam adam
Wed Jul 21 11:07:14 PDT 2004


i was going to reply to the last string of questions about this a few
mails ago on the list

I have a beta scheduling system witten in php with sql and a drop of
python...its all web based, is a multiuser system and some of the features

1. upload audio to encoding machine via web interface
2. add live urls
3. annotate tracks with meta info
4. drag and drop timezone 'aware' timetable (dhtml)
5. requests
6. smarty templated public interface
7. now playing info
8. ogg + id3 tag info editing
9. publishable archives
10. playlist creation and editing

its beta, and i would _dearly_ love some help with it...at the moment it
works tightly with xmms (without its gui) and the oddcast plugin (also
without gui)...but the MuSE team is working on a remote api and then i
hope tom integrate the system with MuSE

for now though it works good with ogg and mp3, still a bit of work to be
done though to get it all wrapped up

I am happy to do a demo in the next days if you're interested (GPL)


On Wed, 21 Jul 2004, Parker Thompson wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm setting up icecast/ices to be used as part of a radio station.  For
> our purposes, we're going to want to be able to do things like schedule
> blocks of media to be played at regular times (shows), as well as to
> schedule things like one-time broadcasts.
> It looks like this can be done by building a scheduler app, and writing a
> script that provides the appropriate items to ices at the appropriate
> time.
> My question is, has anyone done this already?  It would be great to have a
> nice web-based interface through which to manage our station(s) but if
> possible I'd like to avoid writing one :).
> Thanks,
> pt.
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