[Icecast] Icecast and Apache Proxypass

Pascal Veron pveron
Fri Jul 16 02:38:45 PDT 2004

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to use icecast server behind an Apache proxypass. With this
method, i could use public port 80 for icecast and for my webserver. Icecast
is listening on on port 81 and Apache is listening on * on
port 80. If i request  proxy directive of Apache redirect
to port 81 (icecast) and that's work well behind firewall.

So It's working well for connection, listening... But i have one big
problem. Deconnection seems to don't work (cause listeners's IP are always
IP of my proxy). I've read on the Apache documentation that the header IP is
rewrite as Via:IP, but Icecast Server seem to not know it, so is there a
method to use this entry instead of IP in Icecast ? Or another method to do
that ?

If you want to test this configuration. Here are an extract of my httpd.conf

<IfModule mod_proxy.c>
ProxyRequests On
<Proxy *>
Order deny,allow
Allow from all
ProxyVia On

ProxyRequests Off
ProxyPass /
ProxyPassReverse /

DocumentRoot /var/www/html


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