[Icecast] Installing Icecast...

EvilOverlord eviloverlord
Fri Jul 16 08:10:08 PDT 2004

Ian Andrew Bell wrote:

> with a file:  pkgutils-1.5.14.tar.bz2  ... what the hell is a BZ2 file?
>  Oh, it's some obscure form of compression (is this really so big of a
> deal we can't use gzip on a 500k file?).  So now I go off to try and
> find an RPM for some sort of bzip compression tool.  Guess what...
> nada.  And no good instructions for how to deal with the binaries.

bzip2 is far from "obscure" and bunzip2 should be installed with most
distros by default.  tar will automatically pass an archive through
bunzip2 for you (if installed) with the "j" flag (just like the "z" flag
for gzip).

As for building icecast, whenever I've done it on SuSE (another RPM
based distro) I've always found it easiest to build icecast itself from
source, and on the occasion where dependancies are unmet, put them in

This will require you to install the -devel versions of some packages.

The problem, as you have found, is that RPMs are very distro and version

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