[Icecast] multiple listeners

Enrico Minack enrico.minack
Sat Jul 10 16:07:58 PDT 2004

> 56kb 24khz Stereo 2 Channel 6.Kb MP3 stream on a 512k ASDL connection.
> I know that the number of listeners will be LIMITED to 3 or so
> - is there any way I can actually calculate this ?
with a 512k connection you could provide 9 streams (512kbps / 56knps)
simultaniuosly. But the A in ADSL means that your up stream is not as big as
your downstream is. So consider that!

> a friend yesterday ... recieved a 'Server Full' error
in the limits section of the icecast configuration file you can limit the
umber of simultanious clients with
for 100 clients (which includes sources and admins I think) for instance
and you can also limit the number of listeners for each stream. Just have a
closer look to the configuration file. I think it is well commented.


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