[Icecast] Reply to this list

Geoff Shang gshang
Wed Jul 7 09:14:33 PDT 2004

On Wed, 7 Jul 2004, Michael Smith wrote:

> The mailing list manager was changed. This setting was changed at the same
> time. Yes, it's a pain.

To elaborate, the mailing list software was changed to mailman, which has
the unfortunate side effect that reply to sender is the default setting.
Obviously whoever setup the lists didn't alter this setting.  If whoever is
responsible for this could change it back, I'd appreciate it.  Mailman also
has an option for detecting your likelihood of receiving a message more
than once and act accordingly to prevent this.  this is also set, at least
on this list.  The combination means that if someone replies to all, I get
a message in my inbox which shows the list as a Cc, which I tend to delete
because I expect it to also be in my folder which contains messsages
filtered there from the list.  And of course, it's not there.

Ok, I'm done. <grin>


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