[Icecast] Reply to this list

Michael Smith msmith
Wed Jul 7 19:11:42 PDT 2004

On Thursday 08 July 2004 02:14, Geoff Shang wrote:
> On Wed, 7 Jul 2004, Michael Smith wrote:
> > The mailing list manager was changed. This setting was changed at the
> > same time. Yes, it's a pain.
> To elaborate, the mailing list software was changed to mailman, which has
> the unfortunate side effect that reply to sender is the default setting.
> Obviously whoever setup the lists didn't alter this setting.  If whoever is
> responsible for this could change it back, I'd appreciate it.  Mailman also

I asked Ralph Giles if we could do this; apparently unwritten policy is that
this isn't going to change. Whilst I can change it anyway, I don't want to go
against his explicit decisions. Sorry.

> has an option for detecting your likelihood of receiving a message more
> than once and act accordingly to prevent this.  this is also set, at least
> on this list.  The combination means that if someone replies to all, I get
> a message in my inbox which shows the list as a Cc, which I tend to delete
> because I expect it to also be in my folder which contains messsages
> filtered there from the list.  And of course, it's not there.

This seems to be a per-user setting, there doesn't seem to be a way to
globally change it, unless I'm missing something. I imagine it's possible for
the user (i.e. you) to log in and change this for yourself. I'm not all that
familiar with mailman's more advanced features, so I could be wrong...


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