[icecast] Log delay, recoverable error -1, replaygain

Jesper Johnson jesper.johnson at welho.com
Wed Jan 21 13:42:45 UTC 2004


I have a few questions about the log files icecast produces, plus I have a
little issue with replaygain but lets start with the icecast log stuff:

If a client (listener) connects to icecast at, say, 12:00, the connection
time is stored in the access log about 15-30 minutes later (or on
disconnection). Is it possible to get icecast to log client connections
immediately with the correct timestamp (so that a new
connection/error/whatever would immediately produce a new line in the log
file(s))? I'm working on a PHP script to monitor icecast connections and
would like to do it by parsing the log files instead of continuously
querying the icecast server itself via the web admin interface.

Another thing that bugs me a bit are the hundreds of lines of:
[2004-01-10  02:00:36] DBUG format/format_generic_write_buf_to_client
Client had recoverable error -1

...in the error log file. What is "recoverable error -1" and what causes
it? Everything seems to work quite smoothly, but I was just wondering if
there is a possible error in my config / network / something else.

The third thing that makes me ponder is compatibility between replaygain,
ices2, icecast2 and xmms. Has anyone managed to get all of these working
together so that the replaygain values in the ogg files' metadata actually
have an effect in the playback volume when streamed through icecast into
xmms? (sidenote: my ices config uses an external playlist program to fetch

Well, that's all :-) Thanks in advance!

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