[icecast] suggestion: add mp3 support to ices2

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Tue Jan 20 19:24:25 UTC 2004

At 12:57 PM 1/20/2004, you wrote:

>don't forget about streamTranscoder . it works well ., i actually have all
>ogg archives , and when one is played , i have scripts to auto-transcode
>an mp3 compatible stream for those who are not in the know .
>(http://theDV8network.com for examples )
>and http://transcoder.sourceforge.net for a link to the transcoder site (
>i think )
for the record, http://www.oddsock.org/tools/streamTranscoder is the 
correct URL, and it's funny that you mention this since I just finished 
distributing version 1.2.0 of this utility.  I've converted it all to a 
single command line utility (no more messy wxWindows stuff) and have a 
binary for win32 as well as a source distribution for unix 
users..  Feedback on the usefullness and stability of this utility is 
definately welcome... :)


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