[icecast] suggestion: add mp3 support to ices2

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Tue Jan 20 05:10:41 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 20 January 2004 15:17, Philip D. Lowman wrote:
> It says here there hasn't been much interest in handling mp3 with ices2:
> http://www.icecast.org/files/ices_docs/faq.html
> I just wanted to mention that I'm interested in doing so.  I use ices
> for a web-based jukebox project called Tunez.  I have tried the other
> suggested icecast streamers and have had major problems with both of
> them (muse and liveice).  It would be really cool if the ices developers

ices 0.3 remains a recommended source client if you need mp3 support.

> merged MP3 playback support back into the new stream of Ices that way
> MP3's and OGG's could be part of the same stream.  As it is now it would
> be a major hack to support both formats (which leads me to aim towards
> supporting the old ices 0.3 code which works with MP3).

Mixed format support isn't possible. Mixed format in the _source_ files would, 
of course, be possible - the source client would have to transcode them all 
to the same format.

ices2 is unlikely to ever support mp3 - one day, it might _optionally_ support 
reading mp3, but streaming as ogg (transcoding, obviously), but even that 
isn't particularly likely unless someone else decides to implement it.

ices 0.3 works fine - just use it!


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