[icecast] suggestion: add mp3 support to ices2

Philip D. Lowman lowman at uiuc.edu
Tue Jan 20 04:17:45 UTC 2004

It says here there hasn't been much interest in handling mp3 with ices2:

I just wanted to mention that I'm interested in doing so.  I use ices 
for a web-based jukebox project called Tunez.  I have tried the other 
suggested icecast streamers and have had major problems with both of 
them (muse and liveice).  It would be really cool if the ices developers 
merged MP3 playback support back into the new stream of Ices that way 
MP3's and OGG's could be part of the same stream.  As it is now it would 
be a major hack to support both formats (which leads me to aim towards 
supporting the old ices 0.3 code which works with MP3).

Ogg vorbis support is great and all but I with the Icecast people would 
realize how many people still use MP3, especially in a streaming 
environment.  I'm glad Icecast 2.0 supports both and I'm hoping that the 
Ices team decides to support both as well.

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