[icecast] RE: Problems Listening in WinAmp 2.x, 5.x

Murray Saul Murray.Saul at senecac.on.ca
Sat Jan 17 02:25:26 UTC 2004

I have set up icecast2 and ices2 and am playing ogg files from a playlist.
I can listen to stream in Linux using XMMS and Windows using FOOBAR2000.
The documentation indicates that WinAmp 2.x and 5.x will work, but need 
to do tricks like
use mountname with ".ogg" extension. When I do that in WinAmp 2.x and 
5.x tries to connect and nothing.

When in Admin in icecast, and view stats to up link (i.e. .ogg.m3u) 
WinAmp 2.x gives 200 OK message then prebuffers  and appears to play, 
but no sound. I have checked versions that have vorbis plugin, and 
accept ogg extensions, but so-far, I haven't gotten WinAmp to work (and 
tried on a number of windows machines) - Any ideas or suggestions?

Murray Saul

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