[icecast] icecast hangs at start

jensen galan jrgalan at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 14 21:59:47 UTC 2004


when i try to start icecast, i get the following:

Changed groupid to 501.
Changed userid to 501.

and then it just hangs there...
i ctrl-z and then attempt to start icecast again, and
i get the following:

Could not create listener socket on port 8000
Server startup failed.  Exiting

netstat -anp | grep :8000 shows the following:

tcp   0  0*   LISTEN  

o, it looks like "something" is starting.

the error.log gives:

INFO main/main icecast server started
INFO sighandler/_sig_die Caught signal 15, shutting
INFO main/main Shutting down

o, i guess my question is what is icecast attempting
to do after the id's are changed?  can anybody list
what is seen on there screen when icecast is started?
(this is on red hat 9)


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