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Clement Cavadore clement at frequence3.net
Sun Feb 29 16:37:37 UTC 2004

Le dim 29/02/2004 à 17:27, oddsock a écrit :
> for most stations that have this kind of listener capacity, they are 
> getting bandwidth from AOL/Nullsoft.  Nullsoft had (may still have) a 
> policy of offering free bandwith to stations they hand-picked.  They 
> were tapping into the rather huge amount of bandwidth that AOL had, and 
> thus could offer the kind of listener capacity you are seeing.  

I don't think they still have this policy... since they don't reply to
my E-mails... maybe one day, who knows.... :)

> Alternatively, many stations also operate on bandwith donations (people 
> offering relays because they like the station)....I'd say most (if not 
> all) stations that have high listener capacity are operating using one 
> of these two mechanisms.

I dont't think there are many stations who are able to pay for so much
bandwidth... in our case (Frequence3, see below), we rely on bw
donation... but it's quite hard to get some, because of the prices, so
we should go and try to use new broadcasting methods (multicast, or


Clément Cavadore
Webradio Francophone

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