[icecast] XML statistics?

HidayahOnline.org Admin admin at hidayahonline.org
Thu Feb 26 15:38:05 UTC 2004

oddsock wrote:

> Well, I still don't get an XML file when I visit that page on my 
> server.  Granted, all the information that is in the file is there, 
> however, I can't use PHP's nifty XML parsing tools to get that 
> information.
> I think you are misunderstanding something. The stats XML is not 
> accessed via a file on the file system (I.e. you shouldn't expect to 
> see a physical stats.xml file).  I'm a bit confused by your statement 
> that you don't get an XML file when you visit the link, but yet you 
> also say that "all the information that is in the file is 
> there"...what exactly do you see when you visit the 
> http://server:port/admin/stats link ?
> perhaps your confusion is that you dont actually need a XML file in 
> order to parse it in PHP....You can retrieve it via a URL call.  I 
> think you can do something like :
> $handle = fopen("http://user:password@server:port/admin/stats", "r");
> and then proceed to parse it using PHP's XML parsing routines...and I 
> know there are a lot of people who actually do exactly this...
> oddsock 

I'm SURE I am misunderstanding something.  What I get when I visit 
http://server:port/admin/stats....wait a minute, I just went to /stats, 
instead of /stats.xsl, and I see what you guys mean...:)

So there is a page "stats", which exists virtually, and a page 
"stats.xsl", that I kept linking to.  So, minus ".xsl", I get the pure 
generated XML file.


Thanks a lot for all that commented, but I THINK there should be a 
clarification on THIS point.  Am I the only one to have been duped by 
this?  :)
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