[icecast] Q: Is it possible?

Enrico Minack enrico.minack at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de
Wed Feb 11 23:29:10 UTC 2004

Hey Raúl,

> ... and analyzing ...
> * I will have a broadcast server (bcs).
> * this bcs will have various soundcards (n +1 -> N speakers + 1 final mix)
> * the output of each soundcard is put into the analog mixer.
> * the remote clients will send the signal to the bcs (through liveice?) .
> * these channels will be received by bcs (and not broadcasted) and will
> output them to the analog mixer (one channel per soundcard).
> * The local speaker (or producer) will mix all and will send the results
> the bcs.
> * the result will be broadcasted ...
exactly what I meant! :)

Concerning your questions regarding soundcards I can't give you any helpful

Do you want to broadcast the remote speakers one by one or all of them
together? If one by one you need just 1 soundcard, one for 'playing' the
remote speaker and 'recording' it together with the local speaker (Microphon
in). This can be done by one soundcard (captering master).

> You can run
> more than one instance of Winamp/Oddcast and use a silent output plugin
> (attached to this mail). In this way, the audio pipeline is managed by
> software and not hardware.
yeah, this also sounds like a good solution, but on the screen you can just
fade one chanel at a time (one mouse), at a mixer you can fade both
smoothly. Having several sources (Microphone, MP3, CD-Player, ...) it is
good  to mix them analog.


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