[icecast] Q: Is it possible?

Raúl Wild-Spain rcruz at wild-spain.com
Wed Feb 11 12:57:01 UTC 2004

Hi from spain! (sorry, I speak only a little english) 

I collaborate with an spanish NGO and we're planning to set up an Internet radio station. I would like to base our project on linux and Icecast / liveice (right?) but I don't understand some terms of  "radio" practices. I need your experience&help;

the project should cover the following scenarios:

* A broadcast server on spain with a local speaker 
* A broadcast server on spain and remote speaker (possibly through long distances. For example, the broadcast on spain and the speaker from Honduras )
* A broadcast server on spain and remote collaboration with some speakers ( the local speaker collaborating on the same program with differents and  remote speakers )

It's difficult for me thinking about  2d and 3d scenarios. I understand a broadcast and "local" speaker with one ice streamer client, but, are possible long distances between broadcast server and streamer client? Another options (to compare)?. And what about "to mix" different speakers "around the world" (on the same program)?

Is possible to accomplish these options with linux/Icecast/liveice(or iceS). What do you think about this?

Best best regards,

Raúl Cruz Carmona
rcruz at wild-spain.com

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