[icecast] Firewall issue - Port 80

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Tue Feb 10 01:13:52 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 10 February 2004 06:37, Johann Soukup wrote:
> Hello.
> we are trying to setup some rebroadcast of live feeds with IceCast 2 and
> darkice server on
> dedicated machines. With some customers we have problems to get the the
> mp3 stream
> through fiorewalls on port 8000.
> If I reconfigure the IceCast 2 server on port 80 it cannot create a
> listener socket on port 80.

If you're using a unix system, then you need to run as root to bind to any 
port below 1024. 

You can run icecast as root, and using the <changeowner> directive in the 
config file to make it change to a non-root user. If you do this, icecast 
will start up, bind to the appropriate port as root, then change to the 
configured user (you don't want to actually run continually as root for 
safety/security reasons) before accepting connections. If you don't use 
<changeowner>, icecast will refuse to run as root.


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