[Icecast] Aliassing Icecast 2.1 Admin console

Henk van de Ridder henk.vande.ridder at solcon.nl
Tue Dec 28 19:46:41 UTC 2004


We are searching for a possibility of "aliassing without wasting bandwidth".
It is described in the following section which we found at

# What happens is that when a listeners connects to your server and
# requests the /laika stream, then your icecast server will connect
# as a client to my machine, and then feed my stream to the listener.
# All subsequent requests for /laika will use the same feed (i.e only
# one connect will be made to my machine). Icecast will automagically
# shut the link from my machine down when no one is listening. I.e
# no bandwidth will be wasted.

In our situation we have al local icecast server and a remote one. The
remote one is hosted by an ISP with limited download amount. If I make a
relay connection fro the remote icecast server then it allways transports
the continuing stream. But I only want to have transport if someone is
listening and when nobody listens we don't want to waste the download

In an old manual of icecast (versie 1.3 ??) (at
www.skywayradio.com/tech/icecast) I 've read something about "relaying using
aliases". The settings are described via de admin-console.

First quesiton: It seems icecast2.1 does not have a admin-console. Is it
still there ? How can I reach it ?

Second question: Is there a way of setting the relay- or alias-configuration
is the way we want to have to limited the 'waste' of download amount.

With kind regards,
Henk vd Ridder

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