[Icecast] Still the big Icecast problem!

Mike Whitaker mike at altrion.org
Tue Dec 28 19:06:26 UTC 2004

> So... what would make me as a professional broadcaster seriously 
> consider Ogg?  Two things:
> ONE:
> We use an embedded player at Pulverradio.com that's done in Flash.  
> For our part we just modified an off-the-shelf player for our station 
> and the result is we receive very little email from folks having 
> trouble connecting.  So ostensibly we could choose any protocol we 
> liked, so long as there was a Flash Library to support it, since the 
> listeners don't NEED to know the difference.

That, right there, would make us (The Cricket Site - 
http://www.the-cricket-site.com/) seriously consider switching away 
from MP3. At present, we really have no choice: we can't handle the 
support overhead for getting folks to work with new codecs. We'd really 
like to switch to OGG for quality issues (better encoding of speech) 
and because we could then hang ices2 off the back end of an Asterisk 
PBX for our commentators to dial into, and enable them to chat to each 
other and manage handovers cleaner than we do at present.

On which subject: what software is there other than MuSE out there that 
allows mixing of live audio with an Icecast stream? we're trying to 
figure out the best way of managing handovers from one studio+encoder 
to another.

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