[Icecast] ezstream without repeating playlist / file for Win32

Altu Faltu altufaltu at mail.com
Sun Dec 26 11:50:03 UTC 2004


Can somebody do me a favour?

I need a version of ezstream (for Win32) that does not repeat playlist / song. It can be done by removing following two lines from ezstream.c:

    printf("Connecting to %s...", pezConfig->URL);
    if (shout_open(shout) == SHOUTERR_SUCCESS) {
-->     while (1) {
            if (!strrcmp(pezConfig->fileName, ".m3u")) {
                streamPlaylist(shout, pezConfig->fileName);
            else {
                streamFile(shout, pezConfig->fileName);
-->     }
    } else {
        printf("FAILED: %s\n", shout_get_error(shout));

Please help! I can't compile ezstream since the source distribution doesn't include all required files!


- Altu Faltu

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