[Icecast] Re:Re :ihave a problem

Daniel Soma danielsoma at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 22 12:06:41 UTC 2004

hi Adam
Thank you for your fast answer
I affraid that I don´t point? to the right problem
I need a solution for all case , user don´t need install anything and dont 
know that player is default
just click and go that is the problem , how to do?
i think in a java player , minimal ,lite o something similar
for windows users i put in the page a xmplay with a .pls pointing tu server, 
is a temporary solution
for linux users xmms is the most used and dont have problem
i dont think for mac users (i am sorry , accept sugerencias)but a java was 
my intention

in this need help
exist a solution, sure ,have a lot streams in the net and no everybody 
drive?  PC

Have a good christmas,you too

Hi Dani

You write English very well :)

If you use Linux then you can use XMMS to play Ogg streams. Otherwise use
Winamp for Microsoft Windows. I am not ssure what player in Mac supports
Ogg though.

Have a good christmas :)


On Tue, 21 Dec 2004, Daniel Soma wrote:

>i was following a thread fron this mailing list ,a web embed player  for 
>i am in a =  situation  , need a player or a way to play  stream that no
>require java -for download plugin , is heavy -
>i like to know how revsolve he problem or get a solution}
>sorry , I am Argentino ,i don´t speak english just i read a bit and now i´m

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