[Icecast] Using stdin with ezstream

Jerret Kinsman jerret at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 05:49:10 UTC 2004

Sorry to bother you guys but I couldn't find the answer to my problem
anywhere else.

I've installed ezstream_win32_0.1.1_setup.exe to my Windows XP box and
I am trying to  use the stdin streaming functionality w/ IceCast v2.2.
ezstream works well when I set the filename to a file, however, it
does not work with stdin.

With filename=stdin the source_client_connections stat in IceCast is
equal to 1, however, the sources stat is equal to 0.

I'm assuming that playing a file on Windows Media player/other clients
play to stdin.

If you have any ideas/pointers I would really appreciate it.


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