[Icecast] Icecast 2.2.0 RC1 Announcement

EISELE Pascal lemmingsml at nerim.fr
Mon Dec 20 16:21:41 UTC 2004

Great Job ! ;)
Are you planning to :
- correct the metadata problem when you're relaying an icecast v1 server 
? (our radio totaly depend on icecast v1...)
- add an option to enable backup streams only when the primary one is 
done ? I mean that if a defined two mountpoint that are relaying 
different stream (from a primary and a secondary server) and define the 
backup option to the second mountpoint, it should be great if the 
relaying starts and stop only when needed (when the backup option is used)
- add a function to switch listeners between too mountpoints ? (such as 
icecast v1)
- add a telnet interface (such as icecast v1)
Bests regards,


oddsock a écrit :

> Just wanted to let everyone know that we are prepping for a 2.2.0
> release of icecast.  Just as before, we are doing Release candidates
> first, and if no bugs are reported, these will become the official
> release.  We ask that anyone that can, please test the RC and send any
> issues or bug-reports to  the mailing list or http://trac.xiph.org/
> until the mirrors get updated, please download the release using the
> following links :
> source distribution:
> http://svn.xiph.org/releases/icecast/icecast-2.2.0RC1.tar.gz
> win32 binary:
> http://svn.xiph.org/releases/icecast/icecast2_win32_2.2.0RC1_setup.exe
> eventually, these will be able to be downloaded here:
> http://downloads.xiph.org/releases/icecast/
> Additionally, to enable theora streaming in icecast, you will need the
> most current theora release.  I have created a snapshot you can download
> until theora creates an official release.  The snapshot can be
> downloaded here :
> http://www.oddsock.org/xiph_snapshots/libtheora-unreleased.tar.gz
> This is  an optional dependency on icecast, and if you do not have it
> installed,  then icecast will build properly, but you will not get
> theora support.
> Here is a synposis of the changes in 2.2.0
> - Theora Video support -
> Icecast now supports video streaming via theora.  Currently, we require
> the latest (alpha 4) version of libtheora.  This is an optional compile,
> so if you don't have theora then icecast will safely ignore it
> - Shoutcast style source client support -
> Icecast now supports the connection protocol used by the Shoutcast DSP
> source client.  This is the same connection protocol used by their NSV
> encoding tools. This means that not only can you use the Shoutcast DSP
> to stream to icecast, but that you can also stream NSV via their tools.
> - AAC is added as a supported streaming format -
> Not too many source clients support streaming in this format, but we
> support it.
> - Cluster password -
> Now you can specify a cluster password as a <mount> option in the
> config. This will allow you to cluster multiple servers/mounts into a
> single listing on the stream directory.  Note that this is different
> than "grouping" which groups together streams coming from the same
> physical IP and with the same stream name.  Clusters are meant for
> relays of the same stream and will only be listed *once* in the stream
> directory.  When a listener tunes into a cluster, they will be served an
> m3u file with all the clusters for that stream.
> - Playlist Log -
> This is an option setting that will create an audit trail of metadata
> that comes through icecast.  It is a single file that contains
> information for all mountpoints.
> - Range Support for static files -
> We now support seeking in files served off the icecast fserve.
> - Metadata Update via Admin -
> We now support metadata updates via the admin interface for both MP3 AND
> Ogg Vorbis streams.
> - Per mount hidden stats and YP prevention -
> You many now indicate certains mounts to be excluded (i.e. hidden) from
> the main status.xsl page.  This is useful when using local private
> relays.  You can also override the YP setting (as in disable) on a
> per-mount basis.  Also useful for local private relays.
> - Multiple example config files -
> We now have multiple config files for you to use as a base.  A "simple"
> one for quick-start, and a more detailed "advanced" one with all the
> features, as well as a "shoutcast compatable" one, which shows how you'd
> config for using the shoutcast DSP.
> - Relay user/pass -
> You can now specify authentication used by a relay.  This is for the
> case where you have listener authentication enabled for a mountpoint,
> and want to connect a relay to it.
> oddsock
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