[Icecast] Still the big Icecast problem!

Iceuse - Kris iceuse at wwlang.net
Sat Dec 18 16:44:26 UTC 2004

Easy... when I made this java applet :

I used a signed lib from jorbis without modifying it. I just made a 
subclass of JOrbisPlayer which change the behaviour for what I wanted.

I can provide my wall JBuilder project for those interested to use it.
Easy way:
- just change the html file to feed it with your ogg stream url
- do what you want in JStaligPlayer.java
Works on Mac (tester on 10.3.6 java 1.4.2), Win, Linux
I strongly recommand to rename JStaligPlayer in whatever you want.

The idea is to used the signed Jar provided by jorbis... nicely signed 
so we don't need to accept certificates or other several times : once is 
Please avoid any changed to this jar (this breaks the signature). Use 
the subclass of mainclass to add your code. (or find a way to get a 
signed jar).

Full jbuilder projet is here :
It will stay here a few weeks.


Mr Dihelson Mendonca wrote:

>Yes, Kris,
>But how to do it ???
>All these JAVA players I have tried has the
>certificate problem. How to overcome that ?
>If you have any applets and Code which doesn't need
>anything than the listener click on it and begin to
>listen, please, send to me, I want to do some
>experiments on my little station!!
>Thanks in advance,
> --- Iceuse - Kris <iceuse at wwlang.net> escreveu: 
>>But the advantage of a java player is that in a
>>500Kb file to download, 
>>you can provide listeners a very good player... It
>>takes seconds to 
>>download compared to any update of WMP or Real or
>>others which is 5Mo 
>>(at least)
>>But with Java, the trouble is mainly users don't
>>have  a java on their 
>>by default no Windows has java and it's 15Mb to
>>download !
>>The best way is to explain as much as possible that
>>it is in the 
>>interest of the listeners to make efforts to
>>download that stuff to be 
>>able to listen at ogg streams...
>>and maybe a WAVE sample comparing a 32k OGG and a
>>32K MP3 would help. 
>>I'll do that on my web site soon....
>>Mr Dihelson Mendonca wrote:

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