[Icecast] Still the big Icecast problem!

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Sat Dec 18 12:24:50 UTC 2004

Ralph Giles wrote:

> Of course. But that's not the whole story. Microsoft only
> supports MP3 because so many people listen to mp3 radio
> stations and files. And before Window Media Player played
> MP3, everyone had winamp installed because the nearest
> teenager (if I may) had installed it as a way to listen to
> cool--or at least free--music.

Very true.  And WMP had support for MP3 files before it properly supported 
MP3 streaming.  Same with RealPLayer.  They added it because there was 
overwhelming user demand for it.

BTW: You can use the access log to determine whether or not your hypothesis 
is actually correct.  It stores the useragent header, if memory serves. 
You may well find that people are selecting MP3 because it's what they know 
- most people have heard of it, even if they've no idea what it is.  It's 
best to know your problem before you try to solve it.


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