[Icecast] Still the big Icecast problem!

Mr Dihelson Mendonca dihelson at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 18 01:00:19 UTC 2004

Helo, fellows,

Although I have researched a lot about this matter I
still didn't find any good solution.

The problem with Icecast OGG system is that common
people doesn't want to download any other software in
order to listen to a radio station, even a plugin...

People doesn't like to have to download Quicktime, nor
Winamp. They already have Windows Media Player on
their computers, so they already listen to LAUNCHCAST
for instance...

I agree that Ogg files quality have no comparison with
the old Mp3. Ogg mono files at 32k - 44.1khz is very
near CD quality. I would become a satisfied listener
with radios at 32k -44.1khz.

The problem is making Windows media Player to play it!
And this may not have any solution.

I got to solve this problem on Shoutcast systems which
broadcast in MP3. I got to make WMP play the MP3
stream very easy, without a listener having to
download anything.
If people want to know how, I suggest looking my


I have Icecast streams also, which have much more
quality, but I can see, I have 10 listeners of
MP3-WMP, while having 1 Icecast listener, and I guess
the only explanation to this is that people listen to
it with WMP.

Dihelson mendonça

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