[Icecast] RE: RE: Prevent client disconnecting fallen-too-far-behind

Henk van de Ridder henk.vande.ridder at solcon.nl
Wed Dec 15 20:18:41 UTC 2004

Hello Geoff,

Thank you for answering.
The problem is partly solved by setting the queue size from 100k to 500k

The problem is not the upload, there we use DSL.
The problem is the download part of our clients (Netgem-netbox, with 56k

With kind regards,

Geoff wrote:

> Sorry, can't remember if you solved this or not.
> Henk van de Ridder wrote:
> > Does anybody know how I can configure icecast so it doesn't disconnect a
> > client which "has fallen too far behind".
> >
> > We are using icecast2.01 streaming software for our church
> > system.
> > Our client we use a netgem-netbox.
> > We are streaming 25kbps MP3 on V90-56kbps modem connection
> A likely problem here is that 56K modems can only *upload* at 33.6.  For
> such a connection, a 25kbps stream may be a bit marginal.   Of course, if
> you're using a bigger pipe to send to icecast then ignore this.
> Geoff.

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