[Icecast] Authentication and relays

Andrew Taylor andy at benow.ca
Mon Dec 6 05:52:04 UTC 2004


Just installed 2.1.0, and it seems to be working well.  I have a problem 
I thought user auth on 2.1.0 would fix, namely,  I want to control 
access to an icecast instance which is the source for the primary 
broadcast icecast.  [backstory: a few months ago, the stream was 
originally broadcasting directly from a box in the engineering room, 
encoding from a booth line.  Listeners would connect directly to this 
box to listen.  After a month broadcasting with this arrangement it 
became apparent that we were using too much of the overprepared and 
expensive university bandwidth (5 9s, etc), and procured, configured and 
initiated broadcast from another machine in a data center.  This new 
machine relays from the old machine in the engineering room and is the 
primary broadcast box for the station (cjsw.com).]  The problem is that 
users are still connecting directly to the (private) relay box, and not 
the new coloc box.    What I wish to do is to deny access to 
(non-relaying) listeners on the relay.  I was hoping to use the 2.1.0 
auth for this, but there is no <user> and <password> configuration for 
relays.  Another solution would be to rename the original relay mount 
points and adjust the public broadcaster settings accordingly, but I've 
found that the name of the mountpoint on the relay is used as the 
mountpoint on the relayer (ie, changing the source mount point to 
/new-mount.ogg causes the mount on the relaying box to change to 
/new-mount.ogg and not maintain /mount.ogg name, despite being specified 
in <local-mount>).

Have any dev's any advice?  Have these problems had light shone on them 


Andy Taylor

P.S. 2.0 has been a champ, handling months on continous broadcast, 40+ 
listeners at a time without a hiccup.  The foundation for great 
improvements in open broadcasting!

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