[icecast] Update Metadata of ogg stream

Milos Wimmer wimmer at zcu.cz
Thu Apr 29 18:38:46 UTC 2004

On Thu, 29 Apr 2004, Matt Boersma wrote:

> > The ogg stream is preserved when sending it to the client. Nobody has proposed
> > a patch to implement this, and it's of pretty limited use - the sensible (and
> > simple) approach is to just set the metadata correctly the first time, in the
> > source client.
> It may be of limited use, but the use case I have is this: a live radio
> stream, where the program title changes every hour or half hour.  The
> basic metadata is set correctly the first time, but must change.  I use
> darkice, which doesn't support updating metadata, so if I could do it
> consistently in icecast itself, that would be great--especially since it
> works for mp3 streams this way.

 I agree in all points, I'm in the same situation.
I tried to use darkice for mp3 streams and ices (with metadata updates)
for ogg streams, but this solution consumes 3x more time of CPU in
comparison with using darkice for mp3 and ogg streams together.

> If Karl could put it into -kh37, I would be quite grateful.  The "fast
> start" capability of the -kh series is now something I won't give up.

 it would be really very nice...


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