[icecast] Can connect to example1.ogg but not example1.ogg.m3u

SmartBloke smartbloke at fastmail.fm
Wed Apr 28 19:12:47 UTC 2004

I have just finished setting up ices2 => icecast 2 on RH9 linux.
Have 10 or so .ogg tracks in a playlist.
Also downloaded a full copy of winamp 5.
If I point my browser at
then winamp opens, and just says Connecting... - it never actually plays

If I use the open URL feature in winamp and give it
Then winamp connects to the stream and plays the music fine.

I have been watching the icecast log file and noticed the following ;-

When attempting to connect via .m3u an message appears in the logfile :
DBUG connection/_handle_get_request Client connected

When successfully connecting via .ogg I get the same message plus :
DBUG connection/_handle_get_request Source found for client
DBUG source/source_main Client added

It seems that when I try connecting using the .m3u method, it stops
before getting to the 'Source found for client' debug message.

This is stopping my implementation as it is essential that the winamp
player is spawned automatically.
Anyone know why this is ?

The RH9 linux implementation is actually a virtual machine running under
vmware version 4.5 on my windows XP pro machine - although I don't think
this should have any bearing.


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