[icecast] Icecast 2 hack for 'older' client streams

Pete Flaherty pjf at cape.com
Sun Apr 25 14:08:58 UTC 2004

Here's a hack to the icecast2 source to make icecast listen to older
clients that don't supply a username when negotiating a stream (like

The Warning is a standard disclaimer

pjf at cape.com

icecast2 - letme-in hack
 MRU 20040124 V0.3  pjf at cape.com Pete Flaherty

This hack is for the connections.c source file, and will make the username 'source'
Icecast2 requires the use of a username password pair for authentication. 

Many sources at this poing (eg xmms liveice ) do not supply any type of username, 
 and if they do it is not set to 'source'. This hack willl force the username to 'source'
 without regaurd for what the source program is telling it.
-- WARNING -- This hack bypasses a small part of the icecast2 security, and is not
 recommended for public production servers. Tightening of security to only allow
 specific IPs to stream to the server is encouraged.

Reference the hacked version is from CVS as of Jan 24 2004, though this should be 
 applicable to most icecast2 source code.
You will need to compile source code to make a working icecast server 

Bypass hack lines				  | Original source lines
--------------------				  | ---------------------
//if(mountinfo->username)                         |             if(mountinfo->username)
    mountinfo->username = "source";               |                 user = mountinfo->username                                                  ;
    user = "source" ;                             |             break;
break;                                            <

--- >8 ----
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