[icecast] Ices 0.3 won't play mp3 file

Joe Jones joe_jones64 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 8 23:52:08 UTC 2004

OK...finally got Icecast 1.3/2 set up.  Currently testing things with 
Icecast 2 and Ices 0.3

Icecast 2 runs fine and I can access the admin facility through the 
web...alls good there.

<p>When I launch Ices (0.3) it loads up the song from the supplied playlist 
throws out this...

Playing /usr/home/herbal/GanjaSmugglin.mp3
DEBUG: Updated metadata on /stream.mp3 to: Test Artist - Test Title
Mounted on http://localhost:8000/stream.mp3
DEBUG: Delaying metadata update...
DEBUG: Updated metadata on /stream.mp3 to: Test Artist - Test Title

...and hangs.

<p>The Icecast logs show that the source is timming out so it's making me think 
that Ices isn't sending any data, ergo it isn't playing a song.

Looking at 'top' shows that it uses 100% of the CPU.  I've left it run for 
10mins and nothing happens.

<p><p>Why won't Ices play and send my songs?


<p><p><p><p>My Ices config file is below.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ices:Configuration xmlns:ices="http://www.icecast.org/projects/ices">



    <Description>Default description</Description>
    <URL><a href="</URL"></URL</a>>


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