[icecast] icecast and shout

ingirafn at this.is ingirafn at this.is
Mon Sep 15 06:29:21 PDT 2003

Hello, I have icecast runnig I think. 

I made enqripted password with makepasswd -crypt

and then I got pass1 og pass2. As I understand it the pass1 is a uncripted
password and 
pass2 encrypted. 

I put the pass2 in to the /etc/icecast/icecast.conf and then started it with
icecast -p pass1

Then i put pass2 in to the /etc/icecast/shout.conf

I have tried all  variations about having the password in the shout.conf

but it always says. 

1.4.0 - www.icecast.org

Connected: [ioi.lhi.is:8000\default]

[5:47] Size: 5566464 Bitrate: 128000 (71364 bytes/dot)
[Server error: [ERROR - Bad Password                                          


<p>Can anyone tell me what I do wrong? 

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