[icecast] seek, pause etc using icecast ?

Scott Manley djsnm at djsnm.com
Wed Sep 3 15:43:27 PDT 2003

You know winamp does support seeking on HTTP connections via the Range: 
header, of course it relies on the client figuring out how the byte 
offset corresponds to the time offset, which is easy for CBR files, but 
not for VBR files. And winamp sometimes gets confused with some 
streaming servers and keeps trying to seek when it doesn't need to.

> No, they do it using RTSP methods, which inherantly contain the correct
> "time" for the frame.  By requesting a specific "time", you get a the
> frames that correspong, thus you can seek without relying on client side
> buffering.  Note that not all QuickTime or RealMedia files are served by
> proper streaming servers.  You need two things for server side
> seeking.... a seekable source, and a seek-aware protocol.  If all you
> want to do is get the file to the client, HTTP works just fine.  And
> while the file, when it arrives, will be seekable, HTTP doesn't
> understand seeking, so downloading quicktime files off an HREF from a
> web page doesn't get you all the cool goodies that RealServer or the
> Darwin Streaming Server get you.  Which is why they invented the "embed"
> tag.
> Make sense?

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