[icecast] Current Ices2 requirements?

chris nightvision at attbi.com
Sun Oct 12 08:52:30 UTC 2003

I've been using Ices2 for quite a while with no real problems; fairly stable and does what I want it to. Can't ask for more, eh? :)

Anyway, the latest checkouts of CVS won't even get past the ./autogen.sh/./configure portion, so I was wondering if the automake/autoconf requirements had changed recently.

This is my setup:
Gentoo Linux
automake 1.7.5(-r2)
autoconf 2.57(-r1)

The -r* just refers to the revision of the ebuild that I have installed, so it's probably safe to ignore that unless it makes any difference to the Gentooers out there.

Anyway, here's (the important?) output I get when I run ./autogen.sh:

$ ./autogen.sh
Checking for automake version
  found automake-1.6
  found aclocal-1.6
Generating configuration files for ices, please wait....
  aclocal-1.6  -I m4
  libtoolize --automake
  automake-1.6 --add-missing
Makefile.am:6: required directory ./debian does not exist
I am going to run ./configure [...]
checking for an ANSI C-conforming const... yes
checking for uint64_t... yes
./configure: line 8798: XIPH_PATH_XML: command not found
./configure: line 8799: syntax error near unexpected token `XIPH_CFLAGS,'
./configure: line 8799: `XIPH_VAR_APPEND(XIPH_CFLAGS, $XML_CFLAGS)'

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

        - chris
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