[icecast] ices stops connecting to server after 24hours

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Fri Oct 10 11:00:29 UTC 2003

On Fri, 2003-10-10 at 04:51, Matt Trim wrote:
> G'day Karl,
> I've been using your multiple instance version ices-2.0-kh43 for live
> streaming from my soundcard.

well it's multiple input really but...

> After about 24 hours, connection to my icecast server is lost - checking
> my netstat I see that the connection is in  "CLOSE_WAIT" status - this seems to
> stop it from being able to reconnect.  Here is some sample ices.log
> output:
> [2003-10-09  06:57:17] DBUG om_shout/check_shout_connected Time we started
> stream on xstream1.com:8000/xxxx.ogg
> [2003-10-09  06:57:17] EROR om_shout/check_shout_connected Failed to
> connect to xstream1.com:8000/xxxx.ogg (Cannot set param
> eter while connected)
> It appears to be a small bug in the networking code (buffer
> overflow?) as the savefile instance is unaffected.
> Stopping and starting ices fixes the problem (eg it reconnects fine)

Can you check against the latest, there were a couple of minor error
conditions cleaned up


and just to verify you're using libshout kh20, should be identified in
the log at the beginning ? This sounds like more like a libshout issue
specifically the state setting.  You should see the "closed shout
connection" message in your logs before the Time we started message?

Is there anything odd going on after 24 hours BTW, the shout output is
not time limited, so the only cases for dropping the connection is if
icecast shuts down or becomes inaccessible or ices shuts down.


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