[icecast] ices stops connecting to server after 24hours

Matt Trim matt at sv.net.au
Fri Oct 10 03:51:13 UTC 2003

G'day Karl,

I've been using your multiple instance version ices-2.0-kh43 for live
streaming from my soundcard.

After about 24 hours, connection to my icecast server is lost - checking
my netstat I see that the connection is in  "CLOSE_WAIT" status - this seems to
stop it from being able to reconnect.  Here is some sample ices.log

[2003-10-09  06:57:17] DBUG om_shout/check_shout_connected Time we started
stream on xstream1.com:8000/xxxx.ogg
[2003-10-09  06:57:17] EROR om_shout/check_shout_connected Failed to
connect to xstream1.com:8000/xxxx.ogg (Cannot set param
eter while connected)

It appears to be a small bug in the networking code (buffer
overflow?) as the savefile instance is unaffected.

Stopping and starting ices fixes the problem (eg it reconnects fine)



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