[icecast] using the latest icecast and ices to stream both ogg and mp3

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Sat Nov 22 12:28:07 UTC 2003

On Sat, 2003-11-22 at 04:59, Kerry Cox wrote:
> I've gotten a request from another broadcasting partner to set up yet
> another streaming audio server. They would like to stream in both ogg
> and mp3 formats from off a single icecast machine. I have been searching
> through the archives and I have seen this mentioned as being possible,
> but no real configurations. 
> I would of course place LAME on the box and use that for streaming just
> as I would for icecast1. 
> Any suggestions? Or do I have to install both icecast1 and icecast2 on
> the same server and have them both running, but broadcasting on
> different ports?
> Any suggestions and config files would be appreciated.

mp3 and ogg can be streamed via icecast, and because no encoding goes on
in icecast the mountpoints and options for those mountpoints can be
stated generically, so besides the mountpoint ending in .ogg (really
because of listening clients) there's no difference. at the icecast

ices2 will produced ogg streams and ices 0.3 will produce mp3, but as
for the particular configuration, that will depend on what your
requirements are, eg live or playlist


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