[icecast] Multiple Ogg Streams

Lukas Österreicher lukas.oesterreicher at inode.at
Fri Nov 21 15:34:27 UTC 2003

>ices2 will encode/reencode/relay to more than one server.
I will look into ices2.
Any url that describes features and setup well?

>> Also, if you were to set up multiple icecast servers, how would you do that?

>setting up different icecast server is easy, the question is are you
>wanting a relay situation, where a slave icecast takes one of more
>streams from a master icecast or are you wanting ices2 (or similar) to
>send the stream to many icecast servers.

I did not know it is possible to make master and slave icecast.
How to do that? Is there an url describing how?
Ices2 might be an option too, it all depends on which option
provides more stable and better quality streams (keeping number
of reencodes at a minimum, thus).

I imagine this setup:
The following Systems on my own shdsl line (just 768kbit/s though):
- One Windows Box where the original stream comes from.
- One Linux Box Hosting Icecast 2 and Ices2 where Ices2 recieves
  the ogg stream from the Windows box, makes 2 or 3 streams
  with different bitrates out of it and sends it to the Icecast 2 server
  on the same box.

- Optionally a different box somewhere on the internet to which either
  just the highest bitrate stream or all streams are sent to in case
  my bandwidth on my own line is not enougth.


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