[icecast] IceCast Problem

Rádio IRCBrasil - Andre Marcelo andre at ircbrasil.com.br
Fri Nov 14 15:22:15 UTC 2003

hi people,

i am using dsp_oddcast_02262003 with winamp 2.91 to streaming for my icecast
2 server. Eventually the winamp is crashing, and not just im my pc, but in
all that i am using. My SO is windows 98 second edition with all windows
updates maked.

I has testing other software for streaming to icecast, the m3w streamer, i
liked it, but it stream just to mp3 and not for ogg. I really has like of
ogg, is very very very better than mp3.

Some one can give me a sugestion about can i do?

there are other sofware for streaming to icecast / ogg than not oddcast? i
dont use winamp for play the music, i use atomixMP3 trial.

other question, icecast 1 streamin to ogg too? i has used it last year for
mp3 and i never has problem.

Other question, just for comparation, a transmition in 24 kbps for ogg can
be considered equal a 32kbps in mp3 in terms of quality? i think yes, but i
wanna a sugestion of you.

PS: sorry my bad english, i am from brasil.

Tanks very much people.

André Marcelo
Rádio IRCBrasil

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