[icecast] parsing icecast 1 and icecast2 logs in GUI web format

EISELE Pascal lemmingsml at nerim.fr
Wed Nov 12 16:16:04 UTC 2003


I'm using webalizer without any modification to parse icecast 1 log 
files. It's not so bad. I'm also using a set of shellscript to do some 
stats with mrtg (such as simultaneous listeners graph) and I've planed 
to make a small java program using mrtg or rrdtool to remplace my 
shellscript and so avoid to need access to log files.

Bests regards,

Kerry Cox a écrit :

>I know this was mentioned some time back, but I am curious if anyone has
>had any further success with this. My radio station is looking for a
>nice clean comprehensive overview of all connections to our icecast 1
>and 2 servers. Someone had tweaked the webalizer program to render all
>the stats in a nice GUI format. However, there were still a couple items
>Just wondering what everyone else has done to render stats or if any
>updates have been made to the webalizer tweak. 
>Have the developers considered pulling webalizer into icecast for
>generating daily status reports. I am sure the webalizer admin would not
>mind. I've written to him in the past and he's a fairly amicable guy.

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