[icecast] Low frequency feedback?

Devin Campbell devin at moonglade.com
Thu May 29 07:44:58 PDT 2003

> hmmmm.  Maybe it's in the player.  If you kill off your player then
> it, is it still there?  A friend of mine experiences noise with ogg123
> gradually creeps in, though it's not as subtle as what you're describing
> and it takes a good while to happen.

Crap, I think it is in the player!  It's Winamp 2.91.  That's where I
the problem was at first, but I could stop the stream and restart and the
problem was still there.  I could play other MP3/OGG files and then restart
the stream with the same problem occurring.  But, I didn't completely
the client.  That made the problem go away.

>> http://www.starbeamllc.com/images/feedback.mp3
> Sorry, I got a 404 not found error with this URL.

That's odd... Works from a system in Ohio and one in California.  Oh well,
thanks for the pointer in the right direction.

I guess my next question is:  is there something special about my stream
or my songs that's causing this?  I'll have to do some experimentation.


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