[icecast] Ices2 / Icecast2 / Long connect and no sound

adam leigh aleigh at fdmedia.com
Tue May 27 11:24:59 PDT 2003


I'm trying to run two seperate live audio streams on my Redhat 8 box.  I've got
two sound devices that linux (begrudgingly) acknoledges.  I can get Ices2 to
run off of the onboard sound solution but there seems to be alot of
interference, however, when I try to use the PCI-card (a C-Media chipset) it
takes a lot time to connect from a remote client and there is no sound coming
through at all.

I've checked all mixer settings thoroughly as well as making sure the input
audio is being processed by the card but it simply does not broadcast it over
the net.

Can anyone give me suggestions as to the nature of this problem?  I'm using OSS
drivers because ALSA gave me migranes trying to install and in the end I could
not get them to work.

THanks in advance!

Adam Leigh
Full Disclosure Media

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