[icecast] mp3 support and compatibility

Remco B. Brink remco at rc6.org
Wed May 21 05:24:00 PDT 2003

<quote who="Adon Irani">

>  hello every0ne , it's ad0n from theDV8network.com .
> i've been hearing of more and more people in my community who are
> having troubles connecting to our netw0rk . in most cases , wind0ws
> media player or realone is stealing the associations ;  

What associations?

> and even if they've installed winamp , the stream doesn't l0ad .

Could you give a bit more detailed (logfiles etc) explanation on what is
going wrong?

Do they constantly re-connect? Does Winamp crash? 404?

> i think , at least for the first-time listeners , i need to add mp3
> support ..  ( currently i'm using icecast2/ices2 and oggvorbis )

Only the full version of Winamp has Ogg/Vorbis support, if I recall

I've noticed some problems with an Ogg/Vorbis stream that had no
specific .ogg extension crashing Winamp. Could be the Winamp version
used, could be bug at any other place in the chain.
> i would use streamTranscoder-0.2 , but it won't transcode my ogg
> streams ( same problem as mentioned on its homepage forum - connects
> for about 2o seconds , appears on status.xsl , dies but transcoder
> continues to run ).

Same problem here, don't know of a fix yet.
> otherwise , is ices-0.2.3cvs an option ?? does it require an older
> version of libshout than ices2 ? i have libshout.so.3.0.0 installed ,
> but ./configure does not detect it ..

You can't use Ices v0.2.3 with an Icecast2 server, I think.
> i pressume this could work for live programming .. .

You might want to give DarkIce a try, it works great for live streaming
on our network.

> for the on-demand archives, can ices-0.2.3cvs use .ogg in its playlist
> ? or would i have to keep .mp3 archives as well ??

You can't use Ices v0.2.3 with an Icecast2 server, I think.


ps. Stop swapping "0" and "o", it's annoying and lessens your chance of
    getting a serious response.

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