[icecast] OOPS! (was BUG: page-aligned data in libshout)

Arc arc at indymedia.org
Fri May 16 23:30:31 PDT 2003

Sorry everyone, one major flaw in my proof:

On Sat, May 17, 2003 at 02:07:36AM -0400, Arc wrote:
> The last test, and the way the code currently stands, proves that the
> bug is in sending libshout page-aligned data:
> [...]
>       self.shout.open()
>       self.shout.send('OggS')
>    def __call__(self, data) :
> [...]
>          out=self.page.header[3:]+self.page.body+'OggS'
>          print 'Sending Page %d' % self.page.pageno
>          self.shout.sync()
>          self.shout.send(data)
>          self.page=newpage
>       return

I was still sending it the raw data, but in a loop so it was doing the
whole broken record thing. that tipped me off, looked back, figured it

<p>The bug has nothing to do with libshout I think, maybe, but it's more
probobal with libvorbis.  The reason it was not crashing with strait up
data but was segfaulting with page-aligned data was not because it was
page-aligned but because I was also changing the serial number.. with
the first stream being # 0.

Apparently, if I bump the initial serialno to 1 it works great.

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